SALINAS, CA— Underscoring the early enthusiasm and energy behind his bid to represent Monterey County’s 1st District on the Board of Supervisors, today State Assemblymember and Chair of the California Latino Legislative Caucus, Luis Alejo, rolled out 50 endorsements from scores of widely respected local community leaders.

“Monterey County is at a stalemate, with lackluster economic growth, increasing homelessness, high crime rates and more. We need new leadership to come in and tackle these issues immediately. Assemblymember Luis Alejo is a battle-tested and proven leader we can count on,” said former Salinas City Councilmember Sergio Sanchez. “He has my full support.”

Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital District Trustee Victor Rey said, “It’s time for a change in leadership in District 1.  We’ve waited long enough for improvements and the problems have continued to persist. Luis Alejo represents the change we need for the 1st District.”

“With rising crime rates, a growing homelessness population and extreme poverty, local businesses are struggling to get by, to function property and to grow. We need a fresh approach and new leadership at the County to deal with these issues so that businesses can operate in a more sustainable and stable local economy. As a state leader and former local Mayor, Luis Alejo has consistently proven his ability to get things done and improve our region’s quality of life. I firmly believe he is the best choice to take Monterey County into a new direction,” said Salinas Businesswoman Elvia Salgado.

“It’s time for a major overhaul at the County. After years of disappointment, it’s time for something new. We need a progressive and pragmatic leader who will fight tooth-and-nail on behalf of our community. I’ve just described Luis Alejo,” said Salinas Valley Democratic Club Vice-President Patricia Rubio Coyt. “He’s done it as a State Assemblymember and as a regional leader for the Central Coast, and I know he’ll do it for us as the next Supervisor for the 1st District.”

In expressing his gratitude for the endorsements, today Assemblymember Luis Alejo released the following statement:

“It’s incredibly humbling to have such broad support only days after I announced my campaign for Monterey County Supervisor District 1. The cold hard reality is that people in the County are hurting. High crime rates, extreme poverty, a homelessness crisis, and lackluster job growth are persistent realities that local families are dealing with on a daily basis. Time and again, the incumbent has failed to adequately address these issues. I’m running for Supervisor to work hard and actually deliver results that improve the quality of life for Monterey County’s residents. Today’s endorsements illustrate the fact that these leaders agree that I’m the best equipped candidate to solve the County’s problems and to move our region forward.”

Those endorsing Assemblymember Alejo today include:

  1. Former California Supreme Court Justice Cruz Reynoso
    2.     Former Assemblymember and environmentalist Fred Keeley
    3.     Former Salinas City Councilmember Sergio Sanchez
    4.     Former Salinas City Councilmember Maria Giuriato
    5.     Former Salinas City Councilmember Ernesto Gonzalez
    6.     Marina Police Chief Eddie Rodriguez
    7.     Hartnell College Trustee Ray Montemayor
    8.     Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital District Trustee Victor Rey
    9.     Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital District Trustee Rafael Garcia
    10. Monterey County Board of Education Trustee Sergio Alejo
    11. Former Alisal School Board Member Francisca Salinas Gonzalez
    12. Monterey County Business Leaders George & Debra Couch
    13. Monterey County Business Leader Manny Delgadillo
    14. Salinas Business Leader Mike Hackett
    15. Salinas Business Leader Sal Jimenez
    16. Salinas Agricultural Business & Community Leader Ricky Cabrera
    17. Salinas Businesswoman Elvia Salgado
    18. Salinas Businessman Juan Navarro
    19. Salinas Businessman Jesus Rocha
    20. Salinas Businessman Jesus “Chuy” Leon
    21. Democratic National Committee (DNC) Member & Former Salinas State Senate Candidate Shawn Bagley
    22. Democratic Party Leader Les Gardner
    23. Salinas Democratic Party Leader Teri Short
    24. Salinas Valley Democratic Club Vice-President Patricia Rubio Coyt
    25. Eduardo Montesino, President of SMART Transportation Union, Local 0023*
    26. Steve McDougall, Past President of the Salinas Valley Federation of Teachers*
    27. Salinas Community & Labor Leader Frank Cabrera
    28. District 1 Community Leader Lupe Sanchez
    29. District 1 Community & Farmworker Leader Silvia Huerta
    30. District 1 Community & Farmworker Leader Agapito Huerta
    31. District 1 Community Leader Francisco Cerritos
    32. District 1 Community Leader Armando Lopez
    33. District 1 Community Leader Sandra Olvera
    34. District 1 Community Leader Elizabeth Reyes
    35. District 1 Community Leader Sandra Ocampo
    36. Salinas Teacher Albert Murillo
    37. Former Salinas Education Leader Ignacio Ornelas
    38. Salinas Farmworker Leader Desiderio Barroso
    39. Salinas Community Leader Tony Acosta
    40. Salinas Community Leader Ali Chavez
    41. Salinas Resident Juan Chavez
    42. Salinas Resident Dulce Gonzalez
    43. Salinas Resident Jose Covarrubias

Assemblymember Alejo previously served as Mayor and Vice-Mayor for the City of Watsonville and was elected in 2010 to the California State Assembly, but terms out after next year.  In making his decision to return to local office, he cites some of the major challenges Monterey County is grappling with, and the need for new, proven leadership to turn the County around.

Assemblymember Alejo serves as the Chair of the Assembly Environmental Safety & Toxic Materials Committee as well as Chair of the powerful California Latino Legislative Caucus. He had a record 18 of 20 bills signed by Governor Brown just this year. Assemblymember Alejo also previously served as the the Vice-Chair of the Assembly Local Government Committee and was awarded the 2015 Legislator of the Year by the California League of Cities for authoring Assembly Bill 2, which creates a new form of redevelopment for economic development and affordable housing in disadvantaged communities.

In 2013, Assemblymember Alejo was ranked as, “Most Effective Democratic Assemblymember” by the Capitol Nooner after Governor Jerry Brown signed his landmark legislation AB10 to raise California’s minimum wage to $10.00 per hour starting this January 1, 2016 and AB60 to provide an opportunity for undocumented immigrants to legally obtain valid California drivers licenses.

As the representative of California’s 30th Assembly District, Alejo has served as the voice of Monterey County’s 1st Supervisorial District in Salinas and has been voted in six times by its residents in the last five years receiving overwhelming support.

Assemblymember Alejo released a video on Twitter and Facebook upon making the announcement.

The English version of that video can be found here:

The Spanish version of that video can be found here:


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