Why I’m Running

Monterey County is grappling with many significant local challenges, from having the highest homicide rate among youth in all of California to far too many families living in poverty, homelessness not being adequately addressed, not enough economic development or jobs being created to scores of other problems that have been festering for far too long. These are the issues that inspired me to forgo seeking a job across the country in Washington and instead pushed me to come home so that I could roll up my sleeves and get working on improving the quality of life right here in our local neighborhoods.

I’m proud of all the things we’ve accomplished on behalf of the residents of California’s 30th Assembly District, especially this last year where I’ve had a record number of bills signed by Governor Jerry Brown to improve the lives of millions of California families. This unique experience at the state level, combined with the skills and knowledge that I’ve gained at the local level, I believe, best equips me to come back home and return to my local government roots so that I can help fix these major challenges that Monterey County is facing.

My priorities at the County will be to put local neighborhoods first. That means fighting to enhance neighborhood security and combatting crime, particularly in light of the record number of homicides in Salinas. Additionally, I plan to work hard to address the County’s homelessness crisis, attract more good paying jobs, expand affordable housing under my new redevelopment legislation, and establish a new sustainable water supply for our important agricultural economy.